Project Safety

Since the inception of our company, we have prioritized safety as our main concern on all of our work sites. We strive to do our utmost due-diligence to ensure our goal of providing an incident free work environment. Since 2012, Carbon has been working closely with Health & Safety Insights, a premiere occupational health & safety consultation and training company, to continually improve our Safety Program by:

  •  Increasing the awareness of health and safety in the workplace through education.
  • Promoting quality of life by providing education that allows all workers to work in a safe environment.
  • Making available the knowledge and skills necessary to operate equipment and machinery in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Providing education that enables management and staff to develop better working skills to enhance working relations, communication skills and negate stress.

Carbon Constructors has been involved in the Alberta Construction Safety Association’s Certificate of Recognition since 2009.

Prior to work commencing a Pre-construction Safety Meeting is held which outlines site specific safety concerns and control strategies with all associated company representatives including the Owner, Design and Construction Teams.

Orientations for all workers, site personnel, and visitors are conducted as required by the Carbon Constructors Inc. Safety Representative.  No individual is allowed access to the site without having gone through the orientation process. During orientations, all site workers and visitors are made aware and given copies of the Site Specific Emergency Response Plans.  These plans include Site Emergency Evacuation Map & Procedures, Nearest Medical Clinic & Hospital (Location & Contact Numbers), Fire Response Plan, and a list of emergency contacts.  This list is also posted in the Project Site Office.

Subcontractors are expected to familiarize themselves with and follow Carbon Constructors Safety Program and applicable government safety legislation.  Violations of the Safety Program and/or legislative requirements will be handled in an objective but firm manner.  Each subcontractor is required to conduct a site hazard assessment prior to starting work.  All indicated hazards must be rated based on severity and/or probability, and controls need to be implemented to mitigate or eliminate the indicated hazards.  Hazards are required to be re-assessed whenever activities or conditions on site change.  Copies of hazard assessments must be provided to Carbon Constructor’s Safety Representative on a regular basis.

Weekly toolbox meeting are a mandatory requirement.  Topics discussed at these meetings must be relevant to the work being conducted on site.  Copies of toolbox meeting minutes must be provided to Carbon Constructor’s Safety Representative on a weekly basis.

We make certain that if an incident or near miss occurs on our work sites, a full investigation is conducted immediately. The investigation will indentify the immediate and underlying causes of the incident and the corrective actions are implemented in a timely manner to limit the same incident or near miss from occurring again in the future. We are continually improving of safety program to ensure compliance with all applicable federal, provincial & municipal legislation, as well as the requirements of the Owner.